10 Lovely Summer Nail Art Ideas Make You Instantly Become The Exotic Nails Queen In Summer

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September 8, 2017



Summer days are here again. It is your time to flaunt beautiful and colorful nails designs to perfectly match with the hot weather. I guess you can’t wait to wear the best summer dress. But do not forget to try out creative and inspirational summer nail art !


Many amazing nail art designs have been coming up this summer.


What makes you become the nail queen this summer? Summer nail designs need to be:

  1. Intense and bold colors are very eye-catching.
  2. Pure and fresh to look at.
  3. Bright hues, saturated colors.
  4. Vivid shades and day-glo neons are pretty good ideas to resemble the intense heat of the sun.


We recommend you 10 popular nail art designs to show off your fashion statement during this summer break. We have nail art tutorial on You Tube or Instagram for some nail art designs. The tutorials are all in simple and quick steps that you can easily follow after a few minutes. You will come up with tons of summer nail designs in hand in a single day after following our simple and easy tutorials.


Not only is this funny to try, but you can also show off your fashion statement during this summer break. Change your nail art designs every time you date with friends or go to a party! There are many cute and funny designs such as floral , butterflies, leaves, birds and abstract lines designs which you can choose to incorporate into the nail art designs.


Be beautiful, be creative and be yourself! Unleash your passion and bubbly side this summer. So let’s have a try.


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Kick off summer vibe with this bright and orange nails to adorn your dress on beach. This simple mix-and-match orange and yellow wavy stripes nails offer you perfect opportunity to shine people’s eyes.

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a) Flora designs


Make way for this beautiful looking summer nails! The first picture of nails is coated with light brown color base, and then the nails are painted with fresh looking flower petals in white.


The bottom-left design uses light pink and salmon matte and topped with yellow chrysanthemum, outlined with black colors. Green leaves add more vitality and vigor to the composition. Butterflies designs on index finger and little finger make the overall effect more vivid. If you want to have cute and simple looking summer nails, this is a good ensemble for you.


The rest two pictures are nature styles. Each nail design ensemble is perfect for your frilly and fresh summer dress.


Tutorial link:


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b) Marble Effect Butterfly


White flowers、leaves and butterflies that seem to play around on your hand. Perfect for the summertime. White coat is enough as base, and use pink, parsel blue colours to create marble effect. Place few drops of each colour randomly and use stamper to squash& twist the colours and dab on your nails. Repeat until you are satisfied with the effect. Apply top coat to smooth out surface. Stamping polish is Urban Nail Art White. Apply white on flowers and leaves. Next, use butterflies and dragonflies and apply essence clear polish butterflies go to the fingers. The design is finished off with a clear white polish to preserve it from the heat and the water that you may encounter this summer.


Tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=342cxm-gyUg


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You can also apply another butterfly design by clicking this tutorial:

Tutorial vedio link :



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Apart from what we have shown to you, you can think about what elements and colors can best represent your summer. It is a pretty good idea to search various kinds of designs through nail art fashion blogs and other beauty channels to get the latest and fashional trends when it comes to the popular nail art fashion in summer.


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Tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ_t0PJs10I





purple and yellow mani. The challenge was to try and do a mani with more than 3 variations of both purple and yellow on at least one nail. Well, I was only able to do 3 of each.




Sarah Plate



Be creative and fashionable with this bright colored nail art design. The nails are colored with orange, white and black combination, which is very pleasing to the eyes. Orange chrysanthemums and lattices add freshness to the design.

A simple and unique design that you can recreate at your free time.


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Nature Park


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