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June 7, 2013
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Ejiubas 96 Pieces 15 Designs Nail Vinyls Nail Stencil Sticker Sheets Set Nail Decal Stickers For DIY Home Nail Art Salon


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About the product
  • 1.You will receive 8 sheets 15 different designs nail vinyls at an Incredible Price, No dry time, drive time or wait time. Just peel, press, apply and go. Get gorgeous, like salon nails in seconds
  • 2.Self-adhesive, the nail polish will not seep in from underneath.(Each sticker is recommended for single use only, not for multiple application)3.Plus-size nail stencils,suitable for big nails or small nails.Just cut them in half when do all 10 fingers in a certain pattern,still provide you a perfect size to get a Full nail design, No gap on the edges4.Use as stencil or sticker. Easy to peel & Stick. Soft and Flexible, No worry to rip the image. More tutorial videos please search Ejiubas on Youtube5.Any questions will be answered within 24 hours and 100% Money Back Guarantee if items are damaged or with serious quality problem

Please Note:
The vinyl stickers are backed on clear plastic. If it’s too sticky, pls stick the nail guide on your hand 3-4 times,
so it won’t grab the nail polish and still get pretty designs

Package Included: 8 sheets Nail Art Stencils (15 designs in total)
Size:Whole sheet: 5.31 Inch X 3.54 Inch, Each vinyl: 0.98 Inch X 1.18 Inch

• 8 sheets 15 different designs nail vinyls in total
• WITHOUT Wasting Time of free handing designs.Get gorgeous and pretty nails IN SECONDS
• Self-adhesive, the nail polish will not seep in from underneath
• Plus-size nail stencils, suitable for big nails or small nails
• Use as stencil or sticker, Easy to peel & Stick
• Soft and Flexible, No worry to rip the image
• The package includes Step by Step Instruction
• More tutorial videos please search Ejiubas on Youtube

1. Apply nail polish to your nail bed;
2. Apply a quick dry topcoat;
3. Choose the stencil design you want to use;
4. Peel off the stencil sticker, and then place it to your nails;
(Make sure to firmly press down on the stencil sticker to remove any air bubbles)
6. Apply polish on top of your nail and then immediately remove stencil sticker;
7. Wait until the polish has completely dried before applying topcoat.

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