Ejiubas Stylish Intellectual Series Black Lace Bracelets Jewelry Body Art Stickers Temporary Tattoos 6 Sheets Pack + 1 Random Sheet Free Gift
December 29, 2017
Ejiubas White color Full Cover Artificial Acrylic Nail Tips False Nails Mid-Length Oval design 500pcs / box
January 5, 2018

Ejiubas Clear color Full Cover Artificial Acrylic Nail Tips False Nails Mid-Length Oval design 500pcs / box


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  • About the product

    • Packaged with box,10 different sizes ,No glue included(Detailed size info pls check below)
    • Smooth and nice fitting
    • Natural shape,Natural colored hue
    • High quality,Sturdy enough,Don’t bend

    Ejiubas Brand ORIGINAL PRODUCT ,High quality guarantee,More surprise please search Ejiubas

  • Product description

Package include:500 pcs/ box,10 sizes in different grids
Color: 3 colors in options
Material: High quality ABS
Shape: Oval shaped
Size :10 sizes (Length * Wide)
Size 0: 0.98*0.59 inch; Size 1: 0.91*0.53 inch;
Size 2: 0.91*0.51 inch; Size 3: 0.91*0.43 inch;
Size 4: 0.83*0.43 inch; Size 5: 0.83*0.39 inch;
Size 6: 0.75*0.37 inch; Size 7: 0.73*0.33 inch;
Size 8: 0.71*0.33 inch; Size 9: 0.63*0.28 inch.

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