Ejiubas 24 Pcs Matte Black with Glitter Full Cover Squaletto Talone Medium False Nail Tips with 1pcs Glue for Free
August 15, 2017
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August 15, 2017

Ejiubas Red Acrylic Nails Christmas Nail Art Bow Tie for Nails Design 24 Pcs 12 Sizes Long Fake Nails with Glue


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About the product

1) Cute and Sweetie Design, Pretty for Christmas. Red bowtie nails give you an air of cute and sweetie, full of happiness. Please note: Not all 24 nails have bows(you should apply the glue before using to keep them stay longer)

2) 12 Different Sizes, Pre-numbered on Nails–This set come in 12 different sizes which note underneath each nails, includes No.5.5 and 6.5 along with the regular 0-9 size, easy to keep track of and convenient to choose the suitable size that fits your every finger

3) Save Time, Save Money–It looks great with full nails design and have a very realistic appearance (or at least a professionally done appearance).No need to cut and file, no need to reshape then destroy the original perfection

4)Sturdy and Durable. Easy to apply and hold with glue.It will last for at least 1-2 weeks with normal care

5)High Quality Material. Internationally certified and EU compliant.The nails are made with high quality ABS material, which is healthy and friendly, no smell and no toxic to your body or your nails, providing you a safe and comfortable nail art experience

Please Note:
1.There maybe a little color difference due to the monitor and the light effect
2.Not all glues will work for everyone since people have different nails and PH.
If the glue in the package does not work for you,maybe you can get a glue from a drug store or beauty supply.

(1)Package:24 pcs Fake Nails & Glue
(2)Color:Red bowtie
(3)Net weight: 0.04 KG
(4)Material :ABS
(5)Size Info.:(length*width)(please allow 0.02 Inch defference)
NO.0: 1.00 * 0.60 Inch; NO.1: 1.00 * 0.50 Inch
NO.2: 0.95* 0.50 Inch; NO.3: 0.90 * 0.45 Inch
NO.4: 0.85 * 0.40 Inch; NO.5: 0.80 * 0.40 Inch
NO.5.5:0.90 * 0.40 Inch; NO.6: 0.85 * 0.35 Inch
NO.6.5:0.80 * 0.38 Inch; NO.7: 0.82 * 0.32 Inch
NO.8: 0.80 * 0.30 Inch; NO.9: 0.75 * 0.28 Inch

1.File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick;
2.Clean nails of any polish oil with acetone-based polish remover;
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger;
4.Apply glue to nails;
5.Apply thin layer of glue to natural nails;
6.Starting at cuticle, press on & hold for 5 seconds;
7.File and shape your new nails if needed.

Remove Tips:
Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes and nail sticker can be removed easier.
Do not remove it abruptly and it may cause harm to your nail surface.

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